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Business Hours:
    Monday - Saturday
  • Lunch 11:30AM to 3PM
  • Dinner 5PM to 10PM
  • Sunday
  • Closed
  • We are open on New Year's Eve

Sushi King Columbia 6490 Dobbin Road,
Columbia, Maryland 21045

Welcome to Sushi King, a friendly establishment with excellent food and service.

The atmosphere is cozy, casual and family friendly. There are tables and a sushi bar, plus two private rooms you can reserve. The staff is very helpful and will do everything they can to make your dining experience a pleasant one.

Sushi King provides not only the traditional sushi fare, both cooked and uncooked, but; it also boasts a great selection of specialty rolls. The sushi is skillfully constructed and beautifully presented in an array of manners, depending on the type and amount ordered. They serve not only dinner but, also have a lunch menu as well. You can enjoy a variety of beverages, to include; tea, juice, soda, wine or beer. They even carry Japanese wine, soda, and beer.

Come and visit Sushi King and have a dining experience that you will remember.


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